ARU Magic Me - ARCH Project - Dare To Imagine

22 Dare To Imagine within one of the unused rooms at Lime Court. This room was transformed into different scenes and environments for the residents to experience, explore, and respond to through movement and music, with facilitation and performance from Devising Performer Vanessa Guevara Flores. Photo: Rich Rusk Our amazing cast of residents and staff were treated to a sneak peek of the film at a red-carpet event within the home before it was premiered as part of the local Harwich Festival. STILL was publicly launched on 24 September 2022, the National Day of Arts in Care Homes, and has since been viewed in over 56 countries. To celebrate the launch, we held some free screenings of the film at Ipswich Central Library. It was also screened at HOME in Manchester, as well as at the Ipswich Film Society later in the year. STILL was longlisted for Arts Council England’s Digital Culture Awards. “Just wanted to let you know that this is one of the most beautiful things I’ve ever seen. I’ve still got tears rolling down my cheeks as I’m writing this email. It was an incredibly emotional piece to watch.” Victor Craven Freelance Director & Animator “You have taken my breath away with this latest project. I have always been in awe of you as a Company but ‘STILL’ is for me quite possibly your most moving and thoughtprovoking piece yet.” Judy Legacy Six months later, we returned to Lime Court and consulted with the Care Home Manager and Lifestyle Coordinator to delve into the final legacy phase. We posed the question ‘What can Gecko leave behind that will be useful, and meet the needs of the staff and residents?’ The resounding response from Lime Court was they wanted Gecko back in the home, ideally returning and delivering the whole project again. Due to our limited resource and capacity yet aspiring to bring the Gecko energy and creativity back to Lime Court on a regular basis, we developed a series of digital workshops. These interactive films have a blended delivery method. They are bookended with Associate Director Helen delivering a warm-up and cool down, and see her pass the ‘baton’ to the inperson staff member to deliver the creative exploration section of the session, using props and objects supplied by Gecko. The content was filmed on location, inviting the residents to transport their imaginations into a blustery field, woodland, and ‘sunny’ beach. We tested out the films at Lime Court in April 2023 and they were incredibly well received. The staff plan to deliver one of the three workshop packages weekly, and experiment with using the films in one-to-one settings within the residents’ rooms.