ARU Magic Me - ARCH Project - Dare To Imagine

42 Dare To Imagine staff), Excelcare, and Magic Me to explore what might have changed since the end of phase one and their expectations for phase two. After the residencies, online interviews were conducted with the arts organisations and care home staff. Phase 3: Learning and legacy During the evaluation day, online focus group discussions were conducted with the arts organisations, care home staff, and Magic Me respectively. The ‘sticky notes’ method was also adapted for the online space to reflect on: what they wish they had known at the start; what have been the key learning points; and what they will take forward into the future. Data analysis All interviews and focus groups were audio recorded and professionally transcribed. Each dataset was explored through thematic analyses guided by Braun and Clarke (2006) to draw out key themes and identify good practice and challenges – both resolved and ongoing. The findings are presented under the overarching themes of power of the participatory arts; setting up for success; artists and care home staff collaboration; creative practice in care home contexts; and legacy and embedding. Illustrative quotes are presented from across the phases and methods, “/” is used to indicate a change in speaker in quotes from focus groups. Photo: Rich Rusk