ARU Magic Me - ARCH Project - Dare To Imagine

Full Report 65 Photo: Stephen Daly …people that want to learn this…that might be a career trajectory for them, that they’re interested in doing some of that lifestyle work… this could be a project that they’re timetabled in for… Arts organisation post-residency It was suggested that rather than lots of training, it was more important to “break down this idea that they can’t do it” and build the confidence of care home staff in engaging with creative practice. One Care Home Manager explained how staff could sometimes “take things very seriously” and “become very clinical”, but ARCH helped to challenge that, giving them “the confidence to come out of that barrier, and it’s okay to do these things”. The involvement and support of Care Home Managers was essential to legitimise the programme and encourage the engagement of wider care home staff. [The Care Home Manager has] learnt that by working in partnership collaborating with [the arts organisation]…the home is getting way more from the project. And it needed that change for her to be involved for the project to work, it was absolutely crucial…there’s been such a turnaround in how they’ve worked together since she’s been onboard. Magic Me evaluation day