ARU Magic Me - ARCH Project - Dare To Imagine

8 Dare To Imagine Excelcare Excelcare was proudly established in 1989 as a family-run business. We are still family-run to this day, and instil our family values onto our colleagues, the people we care for, their relatives and friends. We provide high-quality, person-centred care at 31 individual and unique care homes situated in Cambridge, Essex, London and Milton Keynes. We also operate a home care service in these areas. Excelcare now supports over 2,500 people, delivering care that is as individual as the people we care for with empathy, kindness and compassion. Our team of over 2,000 are each dedicated to making a difference to the quality of everyday life of every individual in our care. For the Artists’ Residencies in Care Homes programme, with support from Magic Me, four Excelcare homes in Essex – Lime Court, Longfield, Sherrell House, and St Fillans – were matched with four arts organisations that break boundaries and use thought provoking activities to engage with people. This four-year partnership was part of a mission to engage residents with different art forms and encourage expression through music, movement, and other creative outlets. As well as making this a memorable experience for each person, Excelcare wanted to ensure the partnership would impact each person positively and encourage them to step out of their comfort zones to try something new. Built around individualised, person-centred care, Excelcare explain their approach with an anecdote that changed their outlook and helped to make them the number one ranked care provider for older people they are today (based on Care Quality Commission (CQC) ratings by Care Markets UK). This story starts with a visit to a care home, where members of the Senior Management Team met an inspirational gentleman named Mr Bailey. In conversation together, Mr Bailey shared his likes, interests and the things that truly put a smile on his face. This conversation inspired positive changes to shift the focus of the Team’s internal audits, from assessing results individually to a more integrated approach, with a new focus on the individual and how each team member working in the home comes together to ensure the life of people living in the home is as fulfilling and enriching as possible. Mr Bailey now represents each and every person living in an Excelcare home, to ensure they are viewed as a unique individual. From this day on, Excelcare has been working collaboratively with family members to ensure each person lives life to the fullest. This partnership with Magic Me is just one example of the company’s commitment to the people who live in their care homes, and ensuring each day is as meaningful and enriching as it can be. Despite being interrupted by the Covid-19 pandemic, the partnership was a huge success and residents involved said how enjoyable the process had been, from the initial workshops all the way through to the creation of the final projects. All four of the homes involved offer residential, residential dementia, respite and end-of-life care.