Brentwoodian 2022

long bed we ordered especially was short by at least eight inches. Christian was this calm giant who was never phased by anything. He was a well-read, intelligent young man and how we all remember FemBoy Fridays! Goncalo was from Portugal and although small in stature was loud in volume; he had the loudest voice but again, like many of the others, was forever smiling. He too was a grazer in the kitchen and could demolish a tray of yoghurts in a heartbeat. Goncalo had so much energy except when it was time to get up in the morning. Fedor was with us for four years and joined in Year 10. From Russia, he was a wonderful musician although he was very humble about his guitar playing. Lots of the younger boys looked up to Fedor because he was seen as a sort of wise sage! Finally, I come to Chester. Chester was the boarder with the most longevity (he joined us in Year 5) an honour now taken by Ran Lin. Chester was bright, affable, a friend to everyone and the most messy person ever. His dad describes him best: “a scarecrow.” My earliest memory of Chester was him leaving the boarding house one morning wearing only one shoe! Every morning, Jane (our Matron) always had Chester standing in front of her, half dressed and she desperately looking through the oddments for a tie, socks or a shirt. I recall with a smile ‘Underpant-Gate.’ Christian lost ten pairs of underpants and we searched everywhere and were just about to head off to the High Street with the boarding 156