Brentwoodian 2022

The School’s Values of Virtue, Learning and Manners can be seen clearly in all aspects of our Houses, so during the 400th year of these Values it was the right time to launch the expansion of the House system. The Prep School went from four to six Houses and the Senior School went from six to ten. The new Houses in the Senior School joined the existing Houses: North, South, East, West, Weald and School House. In a historic moment that united the traditional with the modern, the 10-House system was launched in June 2022 through a video that was watched by all areas of our community. Our House system contributes to important aspects of student experience: it creates a sense of community and belonging; it provides leadership opportunities through its vertical nature; it is a medium for charity and service; it generates many co-curricular opportunities in which students can represent their House; and it supports our pastoral work. By adding more Houses we amplified these opportunities for all students. The House Captains took on leading the charge to gather student views on the expansion and 501 students completed the House Captains’ questionnaire. They brought the feedback to Mr Wright, Lead Head of House and Mrs McLeod, Director of Co-Curricular, and together tackled the student questions and implemented the best ideas. Students are at the heart of everything the Houses do and it was essential that they had an influence on the expansion. WHAT'S 182