Brentwoodian 2022

I look back on the academic year that has passed with a sense of deep gratitude that we have been able to gather in ways that were simply not possible during the recent pandemic. The Start of Year service in Brentwood Cathedral focused on one of the many iconic images from the famous graffiti artist, Banksy and invited us to see that, ultimately, we are ‘all in the same boat’ and our collective response to the task of rebuilding and enhancing our shared life is one that remains of the utmost importance. Banksy’s images formed the backdrop to the Michaelmas term Chapel talks where we took time to reflect upon the way in which his challenging and thought-provoking artwork encourages us to consider our lives and our response to those we live and work with. In the second term, we explored our ‘Journey of Life’ through the epic trilogy, The Lord of the Rings and pondered the importance, among other things, of taking courageous steps and recognising that the unique journey that each of us take is one that is, thankfully, one we do not embark upon on our own. In the summer term, we turned to the growing climate crisis facing our world and explored how we might respond, with the added support of the classic Pixar film, WALL-E, as a helpful guide. We gathered as a school community on Armistice Day with our short Act of Remembrance live-streamed from the Chapel where a small group of staff, pupils and members CHapel 191