Brentwoodian 2022

or time management so that you do not make the same mistakes for the assessed expedition. Even though some may find the walking tedious on the expeditions at times, the experiences and views you get to witness are unforgettable. Day 1 of our assessed expedition: We left the starting checkpoint at around 10:30 in the morning, and we were almost instantly faced with a problem as we were walking through the woods; it seemed to be that we had taken a wrong turn so we had to track back to the entrance of the woods and work our way through it again; this small problem set us back around an hour. However, we were sure to make up for the lost time by cutting a few of our breaks short, but looking back at it we shouldn’t have, as we got tired very quickly. Moreover, throughout all three. days of the expedition we were faced with a lot of steep hills and on the first day the hill we had to walk up was quite challenging, however we got quickly used to it and eventually going up the hills by the end of the first day was no problem. At last we made it to the campsite at around 7pm which was later than usual but it was expected as we had set ourselves back quite a bit in the first forest we walked through. Moreover, the campsite on the first night was very scenic and watching the sunset with friends and cooking food for our group on the trangias was an enjoyable experience and a good life lesson. 196