Brentwoodian 2022

checkpoint 1, however it was worth it as we were able to capture a magnificent view of Brighton. In addition, the day was quite enjoyable as we were frequently passing other groups, and we were very efficient with time. We ended up making it back to the final checkpoint on time and we were told after our expedition debrief that our group had passed which was really rewarding after all our efforts. In conclusion, I feel like the Silver Duke of Edinburgh experience was worth it and I would definitely recommend it to everyone as it teaches you a lot of valuable life lessons. Our favourite part of the expedition was the views we were able to witness, especially on the first night as we had found a perfect spot at the campsite for the sunset. By Harsaan Gill, Will Pepper, Tej Samuel, Oliver Collard and Arjan Lidher br0nze Bronze Duke of Edinburgh’s Award kicked off the year with two pathways in September, one being part of the Friday Co-Curricular programme and the other being after school on Mondays for anyone who wanted to also take part in CCF or VSA. Loads of students showed interest in the programme having nearly 100 students take part in the Bronze DofE Award this year. We had engaging and fun training sessions with each group, consisting of map kills, compass work, cooking with Trangias and putting up tents. When learning how to efficiently pack our rucksacks we found out that there is not a real need to bring a full makeup or a hair straightener with you on your expedition…this was an eye opening learning opportunity for some of our year 9s!! The students fully immersed themselves in this work and were able to use all of these skills on their practice and assessed expeditions. The practice expeditions were held in March and April so we could enjoy the spring weather and walk through areas full of newly blooming trees and flowers. The students walked around the Danbury and Blackmore areas and were 198