Brentwoodian 2022

Each year, as I come to signing off the Brentwoodian, I feel a strange sense of nostalgia (and relief that the love-hate relationship I have with the Adobe suite is, for now, at an end). This edition, with the upper sixth who have just left, is the year group I joined Brentwood School with. Their first day was my first day. Their successes, which I have documented and placed in each page over the years, have felt like mine. So this year, a very meaningful one for me, is a chance to celebrate all the students who have journeyed with me through my career. This publication is testament to the students who make the most of every opportunity this school has to offer and the incredible staff who generously give their time to make sure that these opportunities are even possible. A huge thank you goes out to my student team and especially Alexander, who has made this edition as beautiful as the last. To my wonderful proofreader, Pam, who is the most thorough and patient of us all. To Ms Dortel, for creating some truly beautiful pages and being an emotional support when I didn’t know what a gamut warning was. To Mr Prinn who helped organise the ‘chaos’ of the media Drive and to Mr Charlesworth for his photographic skills. Finally, to Mr Lonsdale and Mrs Dobson who were there to support, motivate and boost my spirits (often with cake). By Miss V Cooper Editor's note 2