Brentwoodian 2022

as immigration take the forefront more. We also visited the Darwinian Centre, a cultural centre, which seeks to show the lives of the inhabitants of Bordeaux, and how both imported and domestic culture have come together to weave their social fabric. Following our visit to Bordeaux we made our way up to Paris to partake in a five-day-long Philosophy course at the Sorbonne University in French entitled ‘Modernité et Postmodernité’. We were taught several themes of key philosophers of both the modernist and postmodernist movements. In regards to Modernity, we learnt of the secularisation of society, the increasingly strong idea of individualism and the development of technology (e.g. transportation) in society. Postmodernity was a large step away from Modernity and is characterised by the rejection of modernist convention and theory - our final lecture was based around Postmodernity in literature, talking of such authors as Virginia Woolf and William Faulkner using techniques like stream of consciousness. The lectures lasted from 9am to 12pm each day, after which we would get lunch at an authentic French boulangerie and then immerse ourselves in the rich culture and history of France through our touristic meandering. Such destinations included Le Louvre, Le Musée d’Orsay, La Tour Eiffel, Le Jardin du Luxembourg, Notre-Dame and Galeries Lafayette. Le Musée d’Orsay was exhibiting a particularly interesting, extensive series of paintings of the Impressionist 52