Brentwoodian 2022

I am delighted to introduce the 2022 Brentwoodian, a publication that has landed on the desks and coffee tables (and now in the inboxes) of pupils, parents and friends of the School every year since 1891. Various front covers line the wall outside my office from years gone by, and as well as offering a fascinating insight into how times have changed (and how fashions come back around) it has also been a faithful record of key school achievements in the context of broader local, regional, national and international events. From the heartfelt anguish of the obituaries from the World Wars to the joy - expressed in minute detail - of Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s visit to Brentwood in 1957, the Brentwoodian has been there throughout our modern history. 2022 marks another anniversary, 400 years after our School Statutes were written down. Written by John Donne, Dean of St. Paul’s and one of England’s finest poets, the statutes decreed that: ‘The said schoolmaster shall receive…..and him shall teach and instruct in vertue, learning and manners after the orders and constitutions of the said school…..’ [sic] This year’s Brentwoodian captures some of the ways in which we have celebrated the anniversary, including our Founder’s Service at St. Peter’s, South Weald, in May (where Sir Antony Browne is buried) and our 1622 Fête that followed a welcome return of Speech Day after two years of online events, in June. Our School enjoys celebrating anniversaries - in 1957, Her Late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip visited Brentwood to mark the 400th year since our foundation, whilst in 1907, pupils were issued with a card from the Introduction FROMTHE Headmaster 4