Brentwoodian 2022

Far from our last trip to the 1830s French Revolution, Sister Act saw a 120 strong company take the stage and transport us to Philadelphia. We met an aspiring singer Deloris Van Cartier (Nicole Fergus) as she tries to impress her boyfriend Curtis (Murray Peat/ Harry Thomas) in an attempt to become a singer at his club. After he rejects her, Deloris goes to find him and sees himmurder one of his cronies. She finds herself hiding out in a convent colliding with her newfound constraints and an immovable Reverend Mother (Rosie Parrish). However, once introduced to their struggling choir she finds the bigger purpose in her life and falls in love with Officer Eddie Souther (Benjamin O’Riordan/ William Sedgley) who helped her along the way. Throughout the journey, we meet a host of fantastic Sisters including the shy Mary Robert (Martha Treston/ Ellie Williams) who soon becomes a star and of course the exuberant Sister Mary Patrick (Lara Wantling) and comedic Sister Mary Lazarus (Eima Cupples/ Maddie Quick). The stage was dominated by Deloris’ exuberant personality against Mother Superior’s assertive and tactful power showcased inmoments such as Mother Superior’s Here Within These Walls. The entire company of dancers, sisters and choristers came together in the dazzling company numbers such as Take Me To Heaven and Spread The Love Around, a very fitting end to a spectacular show. As always, the Performing Arts Department demonstrated their immense dedication as we faced the tough circumstances of Covid, perhaps making this one of the most difficult musicals to put together yet. Special mentionmust go to the incredible understudies to the principal characters: SISTER ACT For the first time since December 2019, the Wessex Auditorium curtains opened once again for the sell-out sensation: Sister Act The Musical. 62