Essex IPS Employment Service - Mental Health Leaflet

Is mental health illness causing you or someone you know to be absent from work or to be struggling at work? By making a referral to the Employment Retention Service, we can provide support to overcome this. What we do:- • Complete an assessment with you to fully understand the issues that you are facing • Discuss the triggers at work or elsewhere that affect your mental health and how this impacts on your work • Support you with putting together a plan to help you return to or stay in work • Discuss phased returns that will help you with a transition back to the workplace • Consider appropriate reasonable adjustments that would support you to return and remain in work • With consent, provide support at formal meetings with employers, occupational health services • Support you and your employer with signposting and advice on additional services • Help with putting together a Wellness Action Plan, which will provide a plan for you and your employer to help you stay well at work If however, you consider that due to your illness, you need to leave your current role we will support you with planning an exit and wherever possible link you in with services to support you find alternative employment. We are not able to provide legal advice and would signpost you should this be required. Employment Retention Service Essex