NHS BWAE 1928 - Digest Of The Mental Health Workshop

Digest of the Mental Health Workshop Bangladeshi Women’s Association Essex 11 “At East Suffolk and North Essex NHS Foundation Trust (ESNEFT) we are committed to delivering safe, compassionate care that looks at the whole person, that moves away from a traditional approach to caring for a person’s physical health in isolation to their mental health, every contact, by every health professional should seek to understand and as you state in your introduction, to be curious to understand where a person is coming from, what is happening in their world as well as their health and the context of where that is happening. However we are on a journey and we certainly do not get this right all the time or provide all our staff with the necessary skills to be able to support holistic, joined up physical and mental health care so we can signpost to our expert mental health colleagues and voluntary organisations when a person really needs it. We are good at recognising mental health crisis within our hospitals but we need to go a step further and identify when someone needs help way before crisis hits. At ESNEFT we have a wonderful opportunity to think how we train our international nurses, therapist and doctors, many who come from India and Bangladesh and understand the cultural nuances of your community and we would welcome working closer with you to develop that training.” Rebecca Pulford ASSOCIATE DIRECTOR OF NURSING: INTEGRATED PATHWAYS EAST SUFFOLK AND NORTH ESSEX NHS FOUNDATION TRUST “North East Essex CCG within the Suffolk and North East Essex ICS footprint has proactively responded to the inequalities that exist in our population and which have been brought to light via the Covid-19 pandemic. Our ICS now has our local campaign for Black, Asian and ethnic minority communities #WhatAreWeMissing. We are committed to use our Public Health prevalence and needs assessment data to target our resources to ensure that our mental health transformation initiatives respond to deprivation and the clear link to inequalities. We have established working with the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise sector through the North East Essex Alliance ‘Feel Well Domain’ and as part of our dedicated approach for Mental Health have supported to date Refugee Action Colchester​, Together We Grow, Age Well East, Colchester and Clacton Crisis Café, Community 360, CVS Tendring, Harwich Suicide Group and the Tendering Mental Health Hub. In partnership with the Regional NHS Mental Tealth Team, NHS England and NHS Improvement, the East of England Local Government Association, the Strategic Migration Partnership is providing cultural awareness information, guidance and advice for perinatal mental healthcare professionals to create and embed effective perinatal continuity of care pathways for all communities across the East of England. This provides an opportunity to attend cultural awareness training sessions as part of the regional equalities workstream in Perinatal Mental Health. We are working to identify system-wide top priorities, population experiences, inequalities in young people, employment and specific protected characteristics. We are seeking community collaboration with Councils/other local government bodies to engage with disadvantaged groups.” Eugene Staunton DEPUTY DIRECTOR OF MENTAL HEALTH TRANSFORMATION IPSWICH AND EAST SUFFOLK CCG, NORTH EAST ESSEX CCG, WEST SUFFOLK CCG