NHS BWAE 1928 - Digest Of The Mental Health Workshop

Digest of the Mental Health Workshop Bangladeshi Women’s Association Essex 5 to investigate how mental healthcare can be improved for British South Asians. The bespoke research, comprised of focus groups with 86 British Indians, is informing a national organisational competency framework tool for all NHS Mental Health Trusts. Outcomes of the PCREF have been hailed by the Race and Health Observatory to achieve real change for racialised communities. Key findings from the report include: • 93% feel the clinical approach to mental health by the NHS is alienating. Participants called for a multidimensional approach, including values, spiritual philosophies, and history • 86% faced discrimination and 81% experienced shame or stigma in accessing NHS mental healthcare • 92% are concerned that NHS staff, particularly GPs, overlook physical symptoms of mental health or psychosomatic disorders • Over 95% want professionals to embody the 3C’s: curiosity, compassion, and cultural nuance • 97% of men highlighted the topic of suicide when speaking about men’s health. You can read the full report here. BWAE saw similarities in our findings and wanted to provide space for the community to talk about mental health. We designed the workshop to build capacity within the community on day 1 and then facilitate dialogue between the community, decisionmakers, and practitioners on day 2. Participants at the workshop