NHS BWAE 1928 - Digest Of The Mental Health Workshop

Digest of the Mental Health Workshop Bangladeshi Women’s Association Essex 7 Key messages from the community NHS Healthcare: • A seat at the table - the community is available and willing to express their needs and want to be heard • Training for mental healthcare professionals in the 3C’s: compassion, curiosity, and cultural nuance - therapists that are professionals who empathise with the community’s issues • Being “matched” to a healthcare professional of the same faith or culture is not always helpful - the community shared examples where trust had been violated or sessions cut short • GPs to be more flexible and not rely on arbitrary measures - take time to discuss mental health concerns, rather than just using scales such as “have you had suicidal thoughts in the last 10 days” • Improve trust with mental health professionals - many community members expressed a lack of faith that their GP would take them seriously Provision within the community: • Support and signposting - signposting to mental healthcare professionals that is accessible to all e.g. via Imams, community centres, and community groups • Spaces to talk about mental health - provide spaces to talk openly and without prejudice • Regular events - like this workshop to build capacity and awareness within the community about mental health and resources available Cllr Robert Davidson, Mayor of Colchester Rufia Ashraf, Mayor of Northampton