NHS BWAE 1928 - Digest Of The Mental Health Workshop

Digest of the Mental Health Workshop Bangladeshi Women’s Association Essex 9 Key messages from the community All the key messages from Day 1 were reiterated, in addition to the following: NHS Healthcare: • Offer both therapy and medication - the community spoke about GPs being too quick to prescribe medicine and give labels, making them feel isolated and uncomfortable going back to access healthcare • Language barriers - many community members called for interpreters that are understanding • Online self-referrals are inaccessible - the community called for an alternative platform to self-refer such as a peer support program or trained community members to assist with referrals • Collaboration - the community and practitioners want to work together to ensure good practice, this includes commissioning and recruiting community members Provision within the community: • Training for Imams - community members often share their mental health concerns with Imams but they feel unable to provide assistance, they urgently called for training • Specialists in schools - many shared examples of challenges and bullying at school and asked for culturallyappropriate mental health specialists to be immediately accessible within schools • Community knowledge hubs - accessible knowledge on mental health services and related issues, including power of attorney, consent procedures to share care information and decision-making with family members, in places of worship and community centers Sidra Naeem, Chaplain & secretary of Essex, Mind and Spirit