UCL - Teaching climate change and sustainability

30 Figure 6: ‘Top 5’ priorities for support to help enhance teaching related to climate change and sustainability.20 43.4% More opportunities to collaborate with colleagues to develop teaching materials More sustainability actions in school to reinforce student learning 57.5% More mentions of climate change/sustainability in the National Curriculum for my subject 57.7% Inclusion of climate change/ sustainability in Ofsted inspection procedures 37.7% More information about how teaching climate change/sustainability could impact students’ wellbeing 36.5% More support from school leadership team 33.4% More support from parents 16.7% More support from school governors 7.6% More time to develop my own curriculum 34.3% More support from external organisations to develop teaching materials 42.9% More mentions of climate change/sustainability in my subject’s exam specification 24.3% Other 7.8% Differences in priorities of types of support by current teaching (subject and level) Whilst there was general consistency amongst the priorities across subjects and/or levels (Figure 7), one notable difference was that respondents who taught at primary level were significantly more likely to prioritise more mentions of climate change and sustainability content in the National Curriculum for their subject (77.7%) compared with those who taught at the secondary level (48.2%). 20 The figure shows the percentage of respondents who selected each area as a ‘top 5’ priority. It includes responses from those who answered the array of questions (539 respondents).