ARU Magic Me - ARCH Project - Dare To Imagine

10 Dare To Imagine Gecko Gecko is an award-winning physical theatre company, led by Artistic Director Amit Lahav. Founded in 2001, the company has created eight critically acclaimed shows, two Associate Shows and two films. Gecko is currently touring their latest stage production Kin, commissioned by the National Theatre, exploring themes of racism, family, migration, and home. Gecko’s mission is to deepen human connection through physical, visual, visceral and ambitious performance and participation. In everything they do, they create opportunities for people to connect to their work and to each other. Gecko’s Creative Engagement programme supports the company’s artistic output, inviting young people, artists and communities to bravely and open heartedly delve into new worlds of connection, imagination and discovery through creativity and play. It provides an opportunity to explore the techniques and processes used to create and perform their work and a space to express, heal, be vulnerable, nurture empathy, uncover truth and foster deep relationships. Working with their highly experienced facilitators, Gecko creates a safe and supported environment that allows participants to be bold and experimental, inviting them to push beyond the boundaries of their previous experience, develop new skills and a new understanding of the world around them. Gecko team involved in ARCH: • Helen Baggett - Associate Director • Paul Smethurst - Creative Engagement Producer Gecko team involved in STILL: Created, Facilitated and Performed by: • Miguel Hernando Torres Umba and Helen Baggett • With Facilitation and Performance by Vanessa Guevara Flores • Directed by Miguel Hernando Torres Umba • Filmed and Edited by Rich Rusk • Set Design, Build and Technical Stage Management by: Jake Channon • Produced by Paul Smethurst With thanks to: • Rosalind Wyn • Kenny Wing Tao Ho • Katie Lusby • Lorna Garside @geckotheatre