ARU Magic Me - ARCH Project - Dare To Imagine

Full Report 11 curious directive curious directive is an internationally touring theatre company, based in Norwich. Since 2008, curious directive has explored theatre through the lens of science. curious directive has achieved 20 awards and are seven times published by Bloomsbury. Led by Jack Lowe, their work has been presented in over 120 venues and reached 175,000+ audience members - and they are regulars at prestigious international festivals. curious directive’s co-working space, Studio Theatre / Digital Lab, and Botanical Garden Bar & Kitchen all serve to develop ground-breaking theatre productions in the heart of Norwich. Recent productions have explored a diverse range of science topics including 37,000-year-old Indonesian cave paintings, coral reef bleaching in Australia, and quantum biology. “The always excellent curious directive.” The Guardian “curious directive are theatre pioneers.” The Telegraph Since 2014, curious directive has specifically sought to collaborate with care homes at different stages of our devising theatre processes; sometimes as sounding boards around the themes from residents, sometimes simply to share some of the science we’re exploring in our productions. With Pioneer, which explored the moments humans first landed on Mars, we worked with care home residents to recollect their memories of the moon landings – the last time humans attempted a feat of putting humans onto other worlds. With Spindrift, which explored sailing as a metaphor for Quantum Biology, we took a group of 15 80+ year old residents sailing on the Norfolk broads in collaboration with the Nancy Oldfield Trust. Our previous work with care homes can be characterised as disruptive, unusual and fearless. curious directive team involved in ARCH: • Natalie Songer - General Manager, curious directive 2018-2022 • Jack Lowe - Artistic Director, curious directive