ARU Magic Me - ARCH Project - Dare To Imagine

Full Report 37 Final year of activity and legacy With the end of the project approaching in March 2023, our attention turned to the question of what we could meaningfully and usefully leave behind. In response, the following interventions were designed by Akshay Sharma and Petra Söör respectively. Photo: Roswitha Chesher Dance, Photography and Sound Installation by Akshay Sharma In June and July 2022 Akshay worked with photographer Camilla Greenwell and dancers Imogen Alvares and Olive Hardy, to deliver a dance photography project, ‘Gestures’, for Sherrell House. The dance was choreographed to evoke the exhilaration, vastness and wildness of being in nature whilst exploring themes of tenderness, balance and support. It was performed first on a beach in Eastbourne where the photographs were taken. The dancers then came to Sherrell House when restrictions permitted, to perform the piece for the residents. Through the combination of the dancer’s intimacy and touch with each other, and the photography of beautiful outside spaces, the project was able to evoke the gesture of touch at a time when physical closeness was not available between the artists and residents. A Gestures photobook was created by Akshay, designed by Aimee Capstick, using images from the dance photography project and text by Akshay. This photobook has been distributed to staff and residents to use and share however they would like. Akshay also worked with Sound Designer Pascal Colman to create a sound piece inspired by these photographs, which is now installed permanently on the second floor of Sherrell House in an alcove that we transformed into a relaxing reflection space. This space has become a calm haven for both staff and residents; staff using it for oneto-ones with residents and residents sitting and listening to the work at all times of the day and night. Staff have felt the calming interruption it brings to their space, and have plans to develop it into a sensory space for the home.