ARU Magic Me - ARCH Project - Dare To Imagine

38 Dare To Imagine Photo: Camilla Greenwell Materials, Tactility and Togetherness by Petra Söör In February and March 2023 Petra worked with residents, staff and relatives to co-design activities, materials and objects exploring touch through tactility and texture, including: - Activity boxes for each floor of the care home, containing materials, conversation cards and tactile objects to encourage a different type of engagement and new ways of being together. One of these boxes is also stored in the reflection alcove to be used in conjunction with the sound installation. - A mobile loom that can be transported between residents so that everyone can contribute to a woven object together. - Tactile lap blankets and cushions, co-created through workshops with relatives to provide comfort and stimulation to everyone, even those who cannot leave their beds. Through this work with soft, tactile materials, Petra was able to engage people of all abilities, at all stages of life. Her work encouraged different types of stimulation and suggested new ways for staff, relatives and residents to be together. Many staff members and residents expressed their desire to continue these ‘making sessions’ as a monthly activity as a way for all those at Sherrell House to be together creatively, showing the efficacy of the intervention.