Brentwoodian 2022

House BAC weeks continued to be well represented across the year, with a particular highlight being our successes in House Chess; East won during School House week, and came very close second during Weald, West and North House weeks. Having quickly established ourselves as an ‘intellectual house,’ we continued to hold our own during various BAC quiz challenges throughout the year, winning the Biology, Chemistry, Inter-House, Upper Sixth and STEAM quizzes (and coming second in the Year 8 quiz after a tense and hotly-contested competition.) This was a monumental achievement, demonstrating East’s unmatched intellectual prowess. East also valiantly battled in events such as Countdown, Reading and Squash, in all of which we came close second! Upper Sixth pupils within East House organised and ran a well-received and very successful BAC week, with headline events including House Mario Kart, House Bingo and House countdown. East also used creative House events to provoke thought, submitting an entry for the Christmas tree decoration competition, celebrating the individuality of all within the Brentwood community. 147