Brentwoodian 2022

A greater sense of House spirit was inspired upon the introduction of House sectionals, which brought students from all ages together during House meetings to create a sense of community, combatting the year group isolation caused by COVID. Student-led meetings encouraged our Upper Sixth leaders to take responsibility within the House, while developing presentation, leadership and organisational skills. The younger students benefited greatly from the camaraderie and mentorship of the older Easties, while fun quizzes and challenges kept the atmosphere light and funny. The year ended in tradition with House Track and Field. As always, athletes or not, the House came together in true East fashion to make our mark on the competition. Although we did not come first, our House spirit was truly something to behold as we competed together one final time before the separation of the House the following September. Easties should be immensely proud of what has been achieved this year, whilst a big thank you must be made to those who have taken the time to showcase their talents and compete for the House. East has enjoyed a successful year and is well positioned to continue to build momentum within the new House system. By Ella McGillicuddy, Mr Crickmay and Sophia Assitzoglou 148