Brentwoodian 2022

At the beginning of the year we started off with some bonding activities to help the new girls to integrate in the House. We went to Basildon and participated in a range of activities. We started with bowling, where some of the girls showed some impressive skills, then on to an escape room for more group bonding. We almost remained stuck in the room, but our clever brains managed to get out just in time. After that, to release the stress, we went karting. Some of the girls even managed to get on to the podium at the end! In the first half of the Michaelmas term, we were quite busy with the preparation of House Music, so we did not have the opportunity to go on many trips, however the highlight was getting out to Thorpe Park before Half Term, where the girls, along with Hough House, enjoyed some of the adrenaline-filled rides that the park had to offer. Mr Cope was delighted to see that we didn’t bring home as many big prizes as previous years, however, all girls returned tired and ready for an early night. After Half Term we managed to go to Lakeside for some Christmas shopping, an extremely productive afternoon as we could buy all the Secret Santa gifts, as is tradition in the House, and for our friends and family. Lakeside is also where we can go to the cinema and enjoy a couple of hours in front of a big screen. SCHOOL HOUSE Mill Hill 149