Brentwoodian 2022

Around that time we had the idea to host a spa night, in order to relieve some of the stress of the girls. They had the possibility to do some face masks and facial treatments, along with manicures and hand massages. All of this had the most relaxing background of the sound of some waterfalls and nature. Having started it, we tried to do it once a month at least as the girls really seemed to appreciate it and were able to relax. It was a very nice moment to spend time with each other. We also have some set days in the week where, before prep time, the tutors organised some activities like milkshake Monday, and tea and cake Tuesday, always greatly appreciated, especially on a warm day. Another one of our wonderful trips was going to see The Lion King. The girls had been asking to go to the theatre for a long time and, as it is a quite big part of British culture, our Houseparent couldn’t have been happier with the choice. We went to London and enjoyed the amazing show. Every girl was very fascinated and impressed with the show and how well the stage was organised. Some of us even got quite emotional when Simba’s dad died. 151