Brentwoodian 2022

To conclude the academic year, we held a couple of events in Mill Hill. This was not only to show where we live and how we spend our afternoons but it was also an occasion to thank all the people who made our year as special as it was. The first event that we held was ‘teacher appreciation events’. Each one of the girls decided to invite one teacher and it was an afternoon where we enjoyed their company and we had the possibility to play board games together. The only rule that we put in place was no talking about school. Every girl enjoyed it and the response was very positive as well. Another event that we had so much fun preparing and hosting was a baby shower for one of our amazing and wonderful tutors, who is going to be very missed as she heads out on maternity leave. The afternoon was laid out with all baby-themed games. We had fun and enjoyed our time all together. As the end of the academic year was approaching, we organised a Disco in the Sports Hall to celebrate the year and have the opportunity to relax; we had the possibility of inviting a friend and showing some of our moves on the dance floor enjoying the music and the experience. We also had some games planned, like limbo, which was a success. As a last trip all together we went to Lakeside for a driving experience. For some of us it was the first time driving and we were a bit scared, but in the end everyone thought that 152