Brentwoodian 2022

WEST HOUSE Ok, I admit we were aiming for a ‘third House Music win in a row’-type scenario. However, coming second by merely one point, was an amazing achievement. Our Ensemble won that section with an absolutely awesome rendition of a Queen medley. Rachel Tesi - your conducting was superb and you led the orchestra beautifully and with such patience during every single rehearsal. The Partsong section came in 2nd place (beautifully conducted and led by Nicole Fergus and Julianne Punwani) - your smiles and energy certainly showed through on this and the solos from Anna Romhany, Nabhan Chowdhury, Benji O’Riordan and Owen Romhany were quite simply, ‘lovely’. Unison - I loved it. And so did the audience. There, I said it. Our second place in House Music gained us 26 House Points and thus, the race for the Cup began! We needed to catch East House who already had a 4 point advantage. 158