Brentwoodian 2022

The next event of the year was the Lower Sixth quiz. The team consisted of Lewis Harknett, Ed Fisher, Abigail Rice and Rory Hopkins. This was quite a surprise, let me tell you! Since the introduction of the Inter House quizzes, the highest West House had come was 3rd place. Therefore, when we won this, it was fantastic to see. Another 6 House points to West! (The Year 11 team came 2nd a few weeks later, too!) Geography BAC week hosted a Geography themed cake/biscuit competition. Out of the 19 entries, 14 (YES - FOURTEEN!) of them were fromWest House! Well done - I am so proud of your participation. Not only did a Westie win, but also a Westie come in 3rd place too - well done Emily Howell with her beautiful Africa themed cake. I particularly loved the face on the lion. The team of Westies who entered the Biology BAC week quiz were fantastic! (Luca Cis, Nile Grandison, Matheo Burulea, Emily Sadler, Millie Burrell, Kavan Dade, Ishaq RussellHassan, Siranjeev Sivathasan.Zenn) Again, West House was represented extremely well and we had eight Westies out of 12 participants! West came 2nd and 3rd (Matheo and Siranjeev respectively) which gave us another 3 House Points. 159