Brentwoodian 2022

With the new House System in place from September, the competition is going to get a little bit tougher. However, West House is ready, Mr Prinn is ready, I am ready, Emma and Isabel are ready. Are the other Houses ready? Well, I know one thing for sure, none of them are ready for West House! - Mrs Wall I would like to thank Mrs Ellis (who took over from Mrs Shuff as Assistant Head of House). She has done a fantastic job this year and I am very pleased for her as she takes on her new role as Head of Hampden House. I will of course miss working with her, but she fully deserves her promotion. Well done, Mrs E! I would also like to thank Jem Ozkoch for being a fabulous West House Captain this year. Jem - your contributions to West House from day one have been exceptional and it was really great working with you. I would like to congratulate Mr Prinn on his role as Assistant Head of House. I know that Mr Prinn is excited about his new role and I know that his passion for West extends beyond himself - his Dad came to Brentwood and so he has a strong familial tie! Good luck Mr Prinn. Finally, our new House Captain for this year is Emma Willy, who will be ably aided by her Vice Captain, Isabel Graver. I know we will make a great team! Introducing our new House Team 162