Brentwoodian 2022

Below is an article written by Jem himself on how he feels about being part of West House. “Goals never come easy. No one gives you goals.” - Frank Lampard, OB. I feel as though this quote is a good representation of the year as a House Captain. I have seen the whole House working together outstandingly well. Each year West House has worked hard towards our goals, this year as the House Captain I wanted to maintain this high level of enthusiasm that I have had seen since joining the House. The House system is great, and something all students should take advantage of. When I first joined, I met multiple students in West, who had been at the School already. Older students were able to encourage me to take the opportunity and get involved in extracurricular and House events; if it wasn’t for this I wouldn’t have known how great a Mario Kart racer I really was! A night to remember, House Music. We are fortunate enough to have a few fantastic musicians in our house, James Turner and Tom Hodgkinson being the highlight of the night, performing multiple songs from Queen, and overall winning the Ensemble, helping us to come runners up in the night. 163