Brentwoodian 2022

We have a number of different House events for BAC weeks throughout the year ranging from designing cupcakes with a Biology Theme in our house colours to flying around the tracks on the Nintendo Switch for the ever anticipated Mario Kart competition! A shout-out to Max Philpot and the rest of our cupcake team who designed a neuron made of cupcakes for this event. For East house week our shining star Jack Webster brought home the Mario Kart cup with the rest of the Weald team behind him coming 1st in the overall competition. During School House week we also managed to take home the trophy for the Staff 5 Seconds challenge, a quiz game where each member of staff had five seconds to answer a General Knowledge question. Thank you to Mrs Hardy and Ms Barrett for their efforts here. We had another massive win in School House Week with our Bin video, starring many students and staff fromWeald House. We had a glimpse of sporting brilliance from Mr Wright and Amie and Kaitlyn took our bin on a journey through life at Brentwood School. Sammy Li was the real star of the show though spending hours editing the footage together to claim first prize by popular vote from the student body. We showed off our Maths abilities during Maths BAC week bringing home the Gold for the Maths Challenge and we also won the Photography Competition during Earth week. We also placed 1st in the Weald Week Talent show thanks to Sammy Li, Daisy-Rose IresonHughes, Adam Harding and Mr Jupp. We pride ourselves on our varying range of Talents in the House!! 169