Brentwoodian 2022

As we took the BAC weeks by storm we also decided to bring our winning streak into the sporting events placing 1st in FIFA, Rugby, Squash, Rounders and Football, all of our teams won with grace and respect. Even though we didn’t place top in other events they still need to be recognized for their efforts. We had phenomenal netball, hockey, volleyball and dodgeball teams placing 5th,2nd, 2nd and 2nd respectively. There were some amazing sporting moments and every point counts for the final table. We also had a number of Staff Sports Events where we started off the year with a bang taking home the trophy for Hockey and Rugby. Mr Giles in particular was our Man of the Match for Hockey taking it so seriously he came away with less skin on his knee than intended!! Our skills may have ended there as Football and Netball were not our strongest but we put our best foot forward and enjoyed it all the same! One big shout out needs to go to our House Chess Team and a special thanks to Mr Conlan, Nina Pert and Max Pert for taking part in every event; we not only won every chess tournament throughout the year we were also crowned the overall Chess winners!! We also showed our general knowledge skills in all of the quiz tournaments coming 4th in the Staff Quiz, 1st in the Physics Quiz, 1st in the Year 11 quiz with our dream team, Abbie, Ruby, Josh and Robert, 3rd in the Year 8 quiz, 4th in the international and Upper Sixth Quiz. Well done to all who took part in these events. 170