Brentwoodian 2022

Some of these moments include: • Alexandra Winjobi’s extraordinary contribution to the House; she competed in almost every event possible for her age group. • Watching Trinity Baptist breaking the record in the shot put at House Track and Field. • Joining forces with North when their bin was destroyed to create an amazing advert - what a privilege to witness such kindness and creativity at play. • The Senior Boys’ Football team winning their section of the competition, against all odds. If you’d heard the cheering that emerged when it was announced, it was as though South had won the Champions’ League! • Titas Serpenskas, Ethan Roos and Zak Balu’s incredible sales skills at the Christmas Fair. Niamh Eldridge’s dedication to our charity stall at House Track and Field. • Our Seniors coming together to create a fun, festive lip sync video - they even managed to get a few staff involved! • Seeing our beautiful Christmas tree decked out with chains which contained the names of every student in South House. 175