Brentwoodian 2022

Most importantly, there are a number of thank yous to be said. The first of these is to Miss Cooper, our incredible Deputy Head of House; we are so grateful for your encouragement, organisation and enthusiasm for all things South and we wish you well in your new role as Deputy Head of Sixth Form. To our Captain, Alex, we are immensely grateful for your determination, passion for the House, and ability to get people involved - you were a phenomenal Captain! To the staff who did duties, ran sectionals and took part in a number of staff events, thank you. You kept South House moving steadily forward and we so appreciate each and every one of you. Finally, to our Southies - your loyalty, your teamwork and your many, many contributions are the very fabric of the House; South is because you are! We couldn’t be more proud of the progress we have made as a team. As we look to the year ahead, we wish those leaving South House for new houses all the very best. We look forward to more healthy competition next year! It also gives me great pleasure to welcome our new House team: Mr Herson (our Deputy), Diya Dhesi (our Captain) and Angus Robertson (our Vice). We cannot wait to build on the legacy already laid by the Southies who have come before us, and look forward to going far as a team. 177