Brentwoodian 2022

Open spaces, their trees and greenery, and the fresh air, exercise and views they offer, are nature’s gifts we can all enjoy. Younger generations are rightly putting more priority on ecology and sustainability. In our area of Brentwood, we benefit from having Hampden Woods, and Hartswood leading into Thorndon Country Park, close by. Merrymeade House boasts surrounding woodland and cricket pitch views. They are all fitting new Houses for Brentwood School – reflecting the many green lungs the town provides.” “ We asked some of the authors of the new House names to tell us what inspired them. - Oliver & Rosaleen Rowe, parents of Eleanor in Year 8 I thought about the historic names of the Houses at Brentwood and how they related to geography and location in relation to the School. I thought that, since there was already a Weald House to the West of the School (and South Weald is also a Country Park), it would make sense to have a Thorndon - Brentwood’s other Country Park to the south-east. We are so lucky to have these ‘green lungs’ in Brentwood and it seemed appropriate to name one of the new Houses after Thorndon.” “ - Mrs Gray, Classics Teacher, Deputy Head of Year and former girls’ Housemistress for Weald 186