Brentwoodian 2022

A landscape of ancient oak trees, marshes & meadows, with abundant birdlife, roaming deer and grazing cattle, Thorndon Park is a jewel in the borough of Brentwood. I chose the name ‘Thorndon’ as one of the new House names because Thorndon Park has played a prominent part in our family life but also in the school life of our boys. From the Gruffalo trail to snowy winter walks, we have enjoyed years of everything that Thorndon has to offer and it has also been the site of many school activities and children’s parties. A visit to Thorndon gives you everything that nature has to offer, providing a beautiful escape to the countryside which is right on the doorstep of the town of Brentwood. As residents of Thorndon Approach ourselves, this also provided an added attraction to the name choice of ‘Thorndon’.” “ - Clare Jupp, mother to James in Upper Sixth and Henry in Year 10 I chose Thorndon as a possible new House name as I was thinking about the origin of the current House system. It was based on geographical directions and it included Weald to the north/ north-west of the School. So I thought of Thorndon as it is a lovely park to the south/south-east direction of the School. Another reason is that, as Thorndon is a park, it would be nice to give the school a connection to nature.” - Emily Sadler in Year 8 “ 187