Brentwoodian 2022

I was delighted to hear that one of my suggestions for new House names - Thorndon - has been selected! Although this wasn’t a competition as such, I quickly realised when thinking about the possibilities that I would be up against stiff competition from potentially thousands of other very qualified contributors – Gryffindor and Slytherin were probably also among the many suggestions to compete against, both of which would have been very popular with the students of course. During my time at Brentwood (1967 - 1974), the day boys were in ‘geographic’ houses and the boarders in the ‘historic’ houses, five of each. Thinking about the history of the School, its immediate ‘catchment area’ and the important influence of nearby locations for one reason or another led me to this suggestion. It makes me very proud now to be able to contribute in a small way to the future of the School that influenced my personal development far more than I realised at the time. Let me be the first to wish everyone in Thorndon great success in whatever they set out to achieve!” - David John Jayne, Old Brentwood 1967 - 1973, Hough House boarder 1973 - 1974 & North Day student “ I thought the names Thorndon and Hartswood were apt because they are one of the several beautiful wooded places which make Brentwood such a special place to live, work and learn.” “ - Mrs Dearmer-Decup, Deputy Head of North House and mother of Eugénie in Year 7 188