Brentwoodian 2022

We go down the High Street to Brentwood Chapel on Wednesday and Friday mornings for a service, and on Thursdays we practise handwriting. Occasionally, if the whole school has worked well, we go out to the archery butts next to the schoolhouse and have a little target practice. On Fridays we have to repeat what we have learned earlier in the week. Punishments from the week are generally saved up for Friday afternoons. This Friday, Edward Coltherst and William Harleston are birched. We are told to learn from their mistakes. On Saturday we learn the answers to the catechism which we may have to repeat in church the next day. And then it is Sunday again. Just occasionally there is a holiday for a Saint’s day, or possibly two boys have a real fight and one gets a bloody face. Now at least that is exciting! EthanNorris, 2022, aged 18 Once ready for school, I grab some breakfast. When the weather’s nice, I walk, but generally it’s quite unpleasant so I drive! I tend to get to school at 8am and head to the Sixth Form common room to catch up with some friends. We then go to our forms to be registered at 8.25am. In the mornings we have two lessons, then assembly and break, followed by another two lessons before lunch. In lessons I will usually make notes and complete questions. My teacher will post work on Google Classroom, which allows us to work at our own pace. I take Physics, Maths and Economics, which I find difficult but rewarding. In form, depending on the day, we either have form, or some sort of assembly, which is held virtually now, due to the COVID pandemic. After period 4 we have lunch. As senior prae I have duty twice a week - the lunch queue can get quite chaotic! My 23