Brentwoodian 2022

friends and I either have school lunch or go to the High Street to eat - Brentwood Beigels is a personal favourite of mine! After lunch we have two more lessons, which are Games on Wednesdays. I do football, and am a member of the School’s XI - we usually train for upcoming matches by working on finishing, passing and tactical shape to put us in the best position to win on the weekend. Once I have finished at 3.50pm I usually head home, unless I have football training or meetings. Fridays are different - we finish at 3.30pm, to allow time for CCF. I am a CQMS in the army, so my Fridays consist of me walking around the Year 11 cadets and making sure their lessons are going smoothly. I enjoy being a part of CCF as it gives me a break from school work and I enjoy being with my friends outdoors. Once home, I crack on with my homework, usually aiming to finish around 8.30pm. I then relax by playing Xbox or watching Netflix. IB student As an Upper Sixth IB student with more limited time for extracurricular commitments, I am glad to still be able to maintain doing things that I love in school, even if I’m doing them less frequently than I would have been able to do last year. I like to arrive around 30 minutes or so before school begins. I find that this helps me get into a good mindset for my first lesson. I often chat with my friends in the study centre or revise for upcoming tests. I then go to my form room to register at 8:25 am. I study seven subjects in total, with three Higher Level subjects and three Standard Level subjects. The Highers 24