Brentwoodian 2022

are in more depth than the Standards, which allows for a broader scope of education, which is furthered by the Theory of Knowledge classes we take to think more deeply and critically about our studies. The general nature of my lessons are very discussion and debate orientated, as the majority of my subjects are in the Humanities, and many argue that this enhances our learning. I have the luxury of debate inside and outside the classroom, as I participate in many societies. My favourites are MUN and SABS. MUN is every Thursday after school and we all represent a country in a discussion about a different topic or issue every week, mirroring the discussions of the real UN. In SABS, we debate various topics, and present our findings to each other in a lecture-based format followed by discussion. I very much enjoy the IB - even though it is difficult, I feel like the challenges it presents will make me better prepared for adult life. 25