Brentwoodian 2022

the USA have the largest carbon footprints on Earth; by comparison the UK’s carbon footprint is 28 times smaller than China’s. Other by-products of growth are: the disparity of wealth between large companies and small businesses, greater political power going to said companies, and national hostility towards ‘competition’ nations. All of these negative attributes have been seen in growth-based economies. Growth simply isn’t worth the sacrifice it requires. Though the UK has the sixth biggest GDP, the current environment is not one that inspires growth. Tax cuts for large companies are abused, and cuts to public spending would only lead to civil unrest. The 1980s were a different time, where growth was achievable (though still at a high interpersonal cost) due to simpler limitations to it. The concept of growth is only practical in a situation with a simple diagnosis. However, as the UK stands today, so many factors beyond control dictate growth or decline, so the government’s main priority today should be to support the people through this time, not grow the economy. The UK faces crippling economic problems due to modern circumstances and previous economic handling. However, the situation is worse than 2008 internationally and the extremity of the economic impact. Growth is definitely the way forward for the UK, but a strong argument can be made that now is not the time, and that the easing of decline should be the main government priority until the situation passes. By Aaron Mee 29