Brentwoodian 2022

The passing of a monarch is always a deeply sad event, although it is clear to see from a queue that spanned five tube stations, with people waiting for up to 24 hours, that the death of Queen Elizabeth II was significant in a way never seen before, bringing the whole country to halt as we mourned her passing. She herself was a symbol of integrity and peace through the turmoil of the last 70 years; meeting 13 presidents and 15 Prime Ministers, she has been the singular constant of the modern ruling world, even described as ‘The rock that modern Britain was built around.’ At the time of her birth in 1926, she was third in line to the Throne. With the possibility of her becoming Head of State at the far back of her mind, she lived a traditional aristocratic childhood away from the public eye. However, following an extraordinary turn of events, Elizabeth was proclaimed Queen of England in 1952. Thereafter, she served the people of The Queen that was never meant to be 30