Brentwoodian 2022

the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth, just as she promised she would, for 70 years. Throughout her reign, she became one of the most wellknown figures in the entire world (53% of the global population tuned in to watch her funeral.) With the passing of the Queen came one of the most monumental events of recent history: The Queue. By the day of the funeral, 250,000 people had come together to pay their respects in a deeply moving display of reverence for Elizabeth. London itself was transformed by the sheer abundance of flowers left in dedicated parks, and the masses of people travelling in to pay their respects. To me, this is a truly spectacular physical manifestation of the love she held in the hearts of her subjects. Not only that, it was such a wonderfully British way of paying tribute - an installation of art, if you will - growing and morphing through London. Although not having governing power as such, Queen Elizabeth II was a global icon, loved and respected by all. She was the glue binding the Commonwealth together, and was a truly remarkable woman in every aspect. It is quite moving to come to the realisation that there has never been any monarch quite like her, and there quite possibly will never be one again, at least not in our living memory. With her death comes the end of an iconic era: one of change, progressiveness and prosperity. R.I.P. Queen Elizabeth II By Sam Pryor & Sophia Assitzoglou 31