Brentwoodian 2022

FLOWERS Flowers have this unashamed innocence That frees them from true levels of scrutiny, We glance to admire, not to observe, We touch for pleasure, not for assistance, We pick for desire, not for them, We don’t care about them. They’re in our vases now, but is that where they belong? Our dining table is fruitful with the deadly red of freshly dying roses, but what about the mother’s grasps you ripped it from? You separated the bond between a blossoming flower and its natural habitat. Perhaps the ground is fine and it’s no big deal that you’ve ripped them apart, but what if it’s not fine? They have no voice to share how they really feel, so is it fair to speak for them? The mother may not have wanted the flower, but to force them to produce one for your own pleasure for it to only sit on your dining room table, is that fair? It’s not fair. And it’s not fair to control women’s bodies by banning abortions and banning their choice. You can ignore the flower on your dining room table, but you can not ignore an unwanted baby. Its cry is audible. By Taaliyah Foster 34