Brentwoodian 2022

The event of 24th February, 2022 will not be forgotten by any Ukrainian; it was engraved in their hearts forever. All Ukrainian cities shuddered from the explosions carried out by the neighbouring country Russia. The whole nation prayed for their lives and their loved ones, and parents were confused about how to explain to their children what was happening in their country. There was a feeling that people’s homes would be taken away in a minute and no one knew where to run or where to hide. This tragic day will be remembered by all nationalities and countries, but no one will feel the pain Ukrainians went through. Kyiv, 5am: The woman wakes up with fear in her eyes after hearing a powerful explosion in the distance. She goes to watch the news completely confused, unable to believe that this day has come and that it could ever happen. The mother rushes to her daughter, but she has already woken up. After a few seconds of silence, the most terrifying phrase sounds - “The war began”. Until this day, no one could think that a completely peaceful country located in the heart of Europe could come under attack, especially in the 21st century. In complete fear, the mother and her daughter begin to collect the essential things: documents and warm clothes. At this time, as the child finishes grabbing her clothes and other equally important things, the mother goes to talk to the father to make the most difficult decision in their life. Dad says that today it is very dangerous to go anywhere and the family decides to stay at home. The airraid alert sounds. The teenage girl hears it for the first time, and the family descends into the shelter. In the parking lot they see almost all of their neighbours. Most of their nextdoor friends were focused on their phones; they kept their eyes on the screens and followed every last news update. Some talked among themselves and discussed their ESCAPING THE WAR 35