Brentwoodian 2022

behind it was the Polish border. People had to go around almost the whole of Ukraine to get to the border with Moldova. They drove through such Ukrainian landscapes for the first time. Tiny ponds with ducks, wide fields and incredible plains enchanted, even in such a difficult time of the year. Sevenhours on the road and they finally arrive in Chisinau to make a stop for two days. Chisinau is not a big city compared to Kyiv and other capitals. Walking through this city, you have the feeling that you have fallen into the abyss of the past. The majority of the buildings were built during the times of the USSR; new houses can be counted on the fingers, however people are very kind and generous. After a short rest and gaining a little energy, the mother and daughter set off again in the direction of Poland. First, they overcome the mountain ranges of Romania. The road turns out to be very steep, there are sharp turns one after another on a narrow way. The only thing that gave satisfaction at that moment was the incredible landscape, the beauty of the mountains and recollection of wellknown Carpathians. The two girls still had a tricky journey through the mountains of Hungary and Slovakia. The terrain of these two countries turned out to be easier, but the distance and duration of the trip was exhausting. After two days of tracks, long lines of cars and border crossings, they finally arrive in Krakow. 37