Brentwoodian 2022

further plans and actions. Adults understood that sooner or later there would be a full scale war with Russia, but when this day really came, these events did not lend themselves to the logical thinking of a conscious person. Little children looked at their parents with hope in their eyes and asked who was doing this to them? The main question was “Why, what have we done wrong”? Mothers and fathers answered, “Nothing, we just live”. No one knew what was in the mind of the merciless dictator Putin, only he himself. In 1939 Winston Churchill once said that the USSR was “a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma”. Especially these days, we can clearly see that history repeats itself and Putin is the same mystery. People spend the whole night in the parking lot, all of them are worried from head to toe, calling their relatives and friends. Some families decided to go abroad, and others went out of town. Meanwhile, the daughter’s mother puts her things in the car. They resolved to go to the countryside of Kyiv to stay with her godmother. A woman says goodbye to her husband, and her daughter hugs him tightly. The mother and daughter get into the car with hopes that in a few days they will return home. They are leaving their native and most beloved city of Kyiv, the picturesque capital of Ukraine. They drive through the deserted Khreshchatyk Street, which is always full of people, entertainment and fun. The mother carefully follows the road, and her daughter does not take her eyes off the window. You can already see the park where they liked to walk with friends, people walked their dogs and played with them, children rode scooters and ran, but the joy that was there before was no longer present. A sign with the crossed out inscription “Kyiv” is already visible and they are headed to the house of close friends. 28th February, on the way to Poland: The mum and her girl leave with friends to peaceful Poland, which has experienced no less pain than Ukraine from the constant attacks of warring countries. Kyiv was surrounded by Russian troops in the western direction, the road to the ancient city of Lviv was completely blocked, and right 36