Brentwoodian 2022

free housing for Ukrainians who have just arrived in Poland. She goes there immediately after finishing her lessons and guides newly arrived people from Ukraine, and advises on where to get dwelling for a short period of time. Every day, she actively helps refugees and meets benevolent people. Words cannot convey how grateful the Ukrainian nation and all of the country are for all the help and support from Poland. Many rallies were held in the largest cities of the world; they were mesmerising and the hearts of all Ukrainians grew warmer from the goodness they received. Despite the disputes that have arisen between Poland and Ukraine for many years regarding the division of their territories, and even these two countries had war between each other, at the necessary moment Poland opened its arms to the neighbouring country and helped with everything it could. Two months later: The girl and her mother return to their homeland, however this time not to Kyiv, but to a small town in the Lviv region. The town is located at the pedestal of the Ukrainian Carpathians. The girl’s grandmother lives there. This region is very rich in natural and medicinal resources. People from all over Ukraine and Europe come here on vacations and have medical therapy. In winter, the Carpathians are a very popular mountain resort, people enjoy skiing and many other entertaining activities here. The girl’s summer vacation is already starting and she decides to teach foreign language lessons to young children. She studied English, German and French as a child, so she decided to help Ukrainian children who now need to learn these languages in other countries. Many people have moved to different parts of the world and are trying to continue their normal life there. But it is very difficult to be in the environment of a foreign country when there is no knowledge of languages. The teenage girl chooses to transfer 39